Dim Sum

Dim Sum, literally meaning "to touch your heart," is a unique culinary art that originated in China hundreds of years ago. At Flourishing Garden Restaurant, we offer outstanding Cantonese style dishes, delicious assortment of dumplings, egg rolls, pork and chicken buns, as well as doughy sesame balls.

Flourishing Garden Dim Sum


All combination plates are served with Hot & Sour Soup, Spring Roll, Vegetable Chow Mein and/or BBQ Pork Fried Rice. We also served a delicious assortment of dim sum: dumplings, egg rolls, pork and chicken buns, and delicious deserts.

Flourishing Garden Lunch


At Flourishing Garden restaurant, we offer outstanding Cantonese style dishes, to the fine ingredients we use, to out thoughtful preparation and presentation of 80 different varieties of Dim Sum, Seafood, Meat and Vegetarian dishes.

Flourishing Garden Dinner


Flourishing Garden is pleased to offer complete catering services for your special events, be it a family union or corporate business luncheons, as an extension to our dinning restaurant and take-out service. We offer our catering services with complete food preparation on site and delivery to your destination.

Flourishing Garden Catering

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Banquet Facilities

To cater for a variety of on site events including banquets, receptions, luncheons, private parties and weddings, please contact Flourishing Garden Banquets & Catering for a tour of our facilities and a review of our menus and services for your consideration.

Flourishing Garden Banquet Facilities

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